The vineyard is a living entity, and if you love it then it'll love you too. So every sip of wine at the results in a unique gift.

In winter, the vine rests. ASTIL team prune leaving only 3 stems for the future and past the period of frost, we leave two. Resist frost is good for the soil but dangerous for the plant, it will have been a successful test.

In spring, the first traces of life found us in the field, pruning branches again to distribute sucrose around branches and leaves left, thus enriching each grape.

During the summer we allow growth to be as natural as possible, eliminating the herbs with growers to avoid using herbicides.

In autumn, with the fruit gaining volume, made two grape pruning. Yes!, grape! to achieve a smaller but much higher quality production. And yes, we do it twice so that the plant does not feel threatened by severe pruning and naturally regulates its own metabolism.


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